Successful Business Basics.

Every decision you make, especially the legal ones, can help set your business up for success. Beginning with choosing a name and forming your business entity through getting clients and negotiating your contracts, each step you take contributes to building your sustainable empire.


Quick Links

The business quick links section includes links to reputable entities that can help you throughout your business journey, such as the Small Business Administration, SCORE Offices, and the Better Business Bureau.

Templates and Info Products

In the shop, you can find checklists for starting your new business, kits for forming your business entity, and contract templates that cover many of the routine issues you'll encounter, like NDAs and Client Service Agreements. 


Navigating the world of business operations can be a daunting task full of forms and jargon. Through our courses, we guide you through the process step-by-step. Our first business course, LLC in a Day, is launching May 15. 

LLC in a Day is a self-paced course that guides you through ensuring that an LLC is right for you and setting up the LLC in your state. The course covers how to determine what state to register in, what registration entails, and how to complete the Articles of Organization and comply with any publication requirements.


When we see our readers asking the same questions again and again, we do our best to connect you with the information you need. Most often, this comes in the form of a blog post that will identify the issue and give you actionable insight on how to address and manage the situation. You can read all available articles on the blog here or check out the latest business articles below.

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