A Knack for Tax.

Taxes are complicated and it can be hard to find the information you need. We're simplifying things by explaining tax issues in plain English and connecting you with up-to-date information about federal tax reform and state sales and income tax issues.


Quick Links

Our intellectual property quick links will help you quickly locate the IRS website, the Taxpayer Advocate, and other key resources

Templates and Info Products

In the shop, you can find templates and resources addressing specific tax issues, such as how to handle being a 1099 Contractor. You'll also find helpful printables like a Tax Deadline Calendar in the Members Only section. (Sign up, it's FREE!)


Want someone to walk you through how to navigate your tax situation and fill in the forms? This is where our courses come in. We are currently developing a curriculum of self-paced e-courses where will we guide you through completing forms like Schedule C, 1099, and 1120.

Our first course will be focusing on independent contractor situations. This is targeted toward both those hiring independent contractors and those working as one. We'll go through the essential forms required to maintain the relationship and how to ensure you remain in compliance with the IRS.


When we see our readers asking the same questions again and again, we do our best to connect you with the information you need. Most often, this comes in the form of a blog post that will identify the issue and give you actionable insight on how to address and manage the situation. You can read all available articles on the blog here or check out the latest intellectual property articles below.

Members Only.

The Members Only Resources include helpful information that prevents you from having to search the web. You can gain access to this information by registering as a member of the site (it's FREE!).

Examples or current resources include:

  • Tax Deadline Calendar
  • State Tax Rates Reference
  • IRS Publications Cheat Sheet

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